Monday, September 22, 2014

The High Priestess - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 22, 2014


How are your powers of intuition or trusting your gut feelings?

With all the 2s in this line up today, the Universe it going to be asking you to feel, and trust. And though one is actually the Master Teacher, don't be surprised if the lesson involves a bit more faith than usual.

Faith  - the belief of those things unseen.

We should also take a look behind the individual in the card and take note of the moon. Emotions can also be particularly strong today with anything between loving to tears. 

If you are a person who picks up on the emotions of others, take a note of this before assuming that all your negative feelings are your own. It's a day to wrap yourself in the protection of the Universe and ground yourself into Mother Earth. It may not be all about you. And that also means you don't have to "fix it" for someone else. 

And interesting day for sure. Look at each person with added love and understanding.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meeting New People! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 21st, 2014


What do you need to say today? Because you can probably bring with it a powerful punch.

If it needs to be talked about, say it. If you need to call someone, do it. If you need to send a message, write it.

Communication is riding high with this combination and we don't have to hold back. Will the receiver accept your message - not necessarily, but those are the chances we take. Otherwise, we sit in limbo just waiting for [fill in the blank]?

It's a day also to meet new people, perhaps of more similar goals and interests. With the number of laughter (3), we're looking for others who wish to also laugh and have a good time. 

It's a day of getting out and doing...and talking to someone along the way.